2015 ECRI Research Day Posters

Abstracts of Poster Presentations

By: Anne Snider | February 09, 2015 | Blog



Gillgrass and Bane

The role of the immune system in Basal-Like Breast Cancer (BLBC).  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Cockburn, Gillgrass, and Bane

A retrospective cohort of early stage ER+ breast cancer tumours from Hamilton Health Sciences.CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Donzelli, Mori, Sacconi, Yarden, Strano, Muti, and Blandino

Epigenetic silencing of miR-145-5p multi-targeting activity contributes to brain metastatization and associated chemoresistance.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Li, Thurn, Wu, Pond, Hassel, Hotte, Levine, Lukka, Hallet, and Bane

Prognostic Gene Signature for Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Muti, Sacconi, Hossain, Donzelli, Ben Moshe, Ganci, Sieri, Krogh, Berrino, Biagioni, Strano, Beyene, Yarden, and Blandino

Up-regulation of miRNA 513a-5p modulates progesterone receptor expression and represents a long-term biomarker of breast cancer in premenopausal women.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Kennedy, Hirte, Elit, and Fung Kee Fung

Systemic Therapy for Recurrent, Metastatic or Persistent Cervical Cancer.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Rana, Parpia, and Levine

Contralateral breast cancer (CBC) in early stage breast cancer patients.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Babineau, De Souza, Lam, Chan, Singnurkar,  Gulenchyn, Mukherjee, Reilly and Levine

Phase 1 Clinical Trial Using Quantitative 1111n-Pertuzamab SPECT/CT Imaging of HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer – Early Experience .  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Arsenault, Parpia, Julian, and Whelan

Acute Toxicity and Quality of Life of Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Filion, Laurie, Hao, Leighl, Goffin, Khomani, Pond, and Levine

A Phase II Study of Single-agent DOVitinib in Advanced Malignant PIEural Mesothelioma Which has Progressed Following Prior Platinum-Antifolate Chemotherapy.  OCOG DOVE-M Study.  NCT01769547.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Bryant-Lukosius, Cosby, Earle, Green, Bakker, Fitzgerald, and Burkoski

Systematic Review and Guideline Recommendations for the Use of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles in Cancer Control.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Kazemi, Levine, and Reiter

A systematic review of instruments developed to evaluate the quality of patient education materials.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Yuille, Bryant-Lukosius, Valaitis, and Dolovich

Optimizing Registered Nurse Roles in the Delivery of Cancer Survivorship Care within Primary Care Settings. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Shakeel, Elit, Akhtar-Danesh, Schneider, and Finley

Are Bigger Hospitals Better? – A Canadian study on the impact of hospital volume on patient outcomes for ovarian cancer surgery.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Hillis and Heddle

Improving Hematology Patients’ Compliance with the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System at the Juravinski Cancer Centre.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Houde, Steinberg, and Muti

Investigate the link between the p53 and AMPK signaling pathways in a mouse model of T cell lymphoma.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Hammill, Denisova, Helsen, Van Seggelen, Evelegh, Rabinovich, and Bramson

Engineering patient T cells with tumor specificity using a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR); towards the generation of novel CARs using a non-traditional tumor-targeting domain.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Van Seggelen, Tantalo, Afsahi, Hammill, and Bramson

Chimeric antigen receptor-engineered T cells as oncolytic virus carriers.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Shortt and Kavsak

Metabolic and cardiac injury panel in cancer patients.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Berry, Cosby, Asmis, Chan, Hammad, and Krzyzanowska

Randomized Controlled Trials Examining Continuous Versus Intermittent Strategies of Delivering Systemic Treatment for Untreated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer:  An Updated Meta-Analysis from the Cancer Care Ontario Program in Evidence-Based Care.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Dayes, Parpia, Gilbert, Julian, Davis, Levine, and Sathya

Long-term results of a randomized trial comparing iridium implant plus external-beam radiation therapy with external-beam radiation therapy alone in node-negative locally advanced cancer of the prostate.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Parpia, Peterson, Truong, Olivotto, Berrang, Kim, Kong, Germain, Nichol, Akra, Roy, Reed, Fyles, Trotter, Perera, Balkwill, Lavertu, Elliott, Julian, Levine, and Whelan

Predictors of Adverse Cosmetic Outcome in the RAPID Trial:  An Exploratory analysis.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Hotte, Pond, Filion, Balca, Laurie, Winquist, and Hao

Dovitinib in patients with metastatic, progressive adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC):  the DOVE study.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Crouch and Gulenchyn

Phase I Imagining Trials Using Radiotracers.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Seow, Sutradhar, Barbera, and O’Leary

Does more homecare nursing lower the risk of ED visits at the end of life?:  A population-based study of Ontario cancer decedents.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Kouroukis, Sussman, Ratcliffe, Running, and Gage

Developing and Evaluating New Models of Care in Hematology.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Seow, Mistry-Bhatia, Bainbridge, Bryant, and Toyofuku

What Matters Most for End of Life Care?  Perspectives from Palliative Care Providers.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Tomasone and Brouwers

The development of evidence – and theory-derived knowledge translation tools to increase the adoption and implementation of physical activity clinical practice guidelines for cancer survivors among clinicians and their cancer patients:  A proposal.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Brouwers, Kastner, Makarski, Kerkvliet on behalf of the AGREE-REX/ Guide-M Research Project Team

Guideline Implementability for Decision Excellence Model (GUIDE-M).  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT

Brouwers, Driedger, Makarski, Craigie, Annable on behalf of the Uncertainty Project Research Team

Advancing quality in health policy decision-making in the face of uncertainty:  The Uncertainty Assessment and Navigation Tool (U-ANT).  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ABSTRACT