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By: Anne Snider | June 14, 2016 | Blog

Please join me in congratulating Laurie Elit and Pete Kavsak on their recent awards.

Laurie has been awarded the 2016 Presidential Medal by the Society of Gynecological Oncology of Canada (GOC) for her contributions to research and clinical care in gynecological cancer, both in Canada and internationally. Laurie will be receiving her award at the annual general meeting of GOC in Vancouver in June.

Pete Kavsak, along with colleague PJ Devereaux, has been awarded the 2016 Canadian Society of Clinical Chemistry Award for Innovation in Laboratory Medicine for the "Cardiac Troponin Measurements in the Noncardiac Surgical Population Project". The scientific collaboration of this team is changing the management of high risk patients undergoing noncardiac surgery here and around the world, creating new opportunities for trainees, and leading to new applications in the emerging cardio-oncology research program.