ECRI Scientists have been busy.

By: Mark Levine | September 21, 2014 | Blog
  1. Congratulations to Greg Steinberg (PI) and Paola Muti for recent CCSRI Innovation Award entitled “Defining the roles of systemic and direct tumour effects of biguanides to optimize treatment”
  2. Congratulations to Ros Juergens and Lung DST for the $75,000 award from HHS Gala to investigate platform biomarker tests.
  3. Congratulations to Hsien Seow for being awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair
  4. Good luck to:
    1. Pete Kavsak for CIHR Foundation Pilot Submission
    2. Paola Muti for CIHR Foundation Pilot Submission
    3. Mark Levine for CIHR Foundation Pilot Submission
  5. Hats off to Martin Butcher, Sebastien Hotte, and Jonathan Bramson on their submission of a very exciting LOI entitled “Cell Therapy Program” to the HHS Strategic Research Program RFA.
  6. Congratulations to Sameer Parpia, a biostatistician in OCOG. He successfully defended his PHD thesis last week. It was an outstanding performance.
  7. Good Job to Ros Juergens and team for putting her first two patients on the IGFR imaging trial. This was first in human and worked!
  8. Thanks to Pete Kavsak for presenting a very stimulating seminar at ECRI Rounds.
  9. We will be going live with ECRI website very soon.
  10. Please put January 30th in your calendars for the ECRI Scientific Day