Clinical Trials Research

ECRI hosts the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group (OCOG). As a sponsor of multi-centred Phase I to Phase III cancer clinical trials for over 25 years, OCOG has led practice changing clinical trials in many areas  including trials that impacted on the quality of the patient experience such as the use of short courses in radiation to treat breast cancer, and trials that impacted on health policy such as the evaluation of PET in the treatment of multiple cancers. The JCC Clinical Trials Department is one of the strongest in the country. Access to clinical trials is considered a treatment option for all patients coming to the cancer centre and an indicator of the highest quality of care. The JCC Clinical Trials Department will be participating as a Network Cancer Centre in the new Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network and reaching out to trials partners across the region to increase access to trials for all patients. Trials are an important example of the collaborative partnership between researchers and patients. Commitment to this partnership is at the core of ECRI.