Quality Health Care and Knowledge Translation

ECRI hosts Cancer Care Ontario’s world renowned Program in Evidence Based Care, the National Centre of Excellence in Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing and a strong cadre of health services and health policy researchers working in areas such as cancer survivorship, palliative care, and cancer surgery quality improvement. Cross appointments of ECRI scientists with McMaster’s home of Evidence Based Medicine, the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, brings additional health policy and health economics strength to ECRI research projects. ECRI scientists are focused on transformative change that will ensure the cancer system and the providers that work within it are proactively shaping the future for the benefit of patients. Innovative models of care, advanced practice roles, self management strategies for patients suffering from chronic disease, integration of oncology specialists with primary care, and strategies to maximize the uptake of practice guidelines through both provider and patient engagement represent some of the research underway. Developing and implementing effective knowledge translation strategies to interactively bridge research and practice is at the forefront of the ECRI vision.