Laurie Elit


Dr. Laurie Elit was just seven years old when her father was diagnosed with cancer. She went to some of his appointments with him and witnessed his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer which, at the time, took many lives. Now a healthy 83-year-old, he’s proud of his daughter who was inspired, partly by his experience, to become a doctor and then a surgeon. Dr. Elit’s specialty is gynecologic surgery and she been on staff at the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre since 1998. Her research focuses on identifying the best ways to prevent, diagnose, assess and treat cancers of the female reproductive system. Dr. Elit also has considerable expertise in international health. About 16 years ago, she responded to an ad in a magazine looking for doctors to work in Mongolia. This led her to a teaching role at a Mongolian obstetrical hospital, and a research project on a form of ovarian cancer unique to one particular tribe. Dr. Elit appreciates diversity and is looking forward to the synergy that will come from bringing people with different skill sets together at the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute. “We’ll be able to explore new opportunities and ask new questions,” she says.

Other areas of research include health services work on delivery of gynecologic oncology services in Ontario.

Key Publications:

Elit L, O’Leary E, Pond G, Seow H,. The impact of wait times on survival for women with uterine cancer.  JCO 2014;32(1)27-33 PMID 24276779.

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