Andrew Arnold

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Dr. Andrew Arnold’s 30-year career in cancer care and research makes him one of the most senior investigators at the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute.  That longevity has given him a poignant perspective on the challenge that remains. “Until we cure absolutely everybody of cancer, we shall need to conduct clinical trials,” he says. Fortunately, the passion that sparked Dr. Arnold’s interest in clinical trials back when he was a young oncologist in England still drives him today. He likes the discipline  of collaborating on clinical trials that are properly conducted and answer important questions.  Dr. Arnold is also proud of Hamilton’s reputation as a centre with high standards in clinical epidemiology and high participation rates in health care research.  It’s one of the reasons that he was drawn to this city in the first place, and why he has been pleased to head the Clinical Trials Department at the Juravinski Cancer Centre over the past five years. For him, ECRI represents an opportunity to create an environment that will encourage discovery in the next generation of cancer specialists and scientists. “It’s tremendously important to support our new investigators,” he says.

Key Publications:

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