Ian Dayes


Dr. Dayes' research interests include - breast cancer-related lymphedema — national lead DELTA study, local clinical trials investigator (breast and prostate cancer trials), and systematic reviews — cervical cancer. He is also interested in the impact of radiation on cellular function.

Key Publications:

Lymphedema in Women with Breast Cancer: Characteristics of Patients Screened for a Randomized Trial.  Dayes IS, Levine MN,  Julian JA, Pritchard KI, D’Souza DP, Kligman L, Reise D, Wiernikowski JA, Bonilla L, Whelan TJ. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2008; 110: 337-342

Cross-Border Referral for Early Breast Cancer: An Analysis of Radiation Fractionation Patterns.  Dayes IS, Whelan TJ, Julian JA, Kuettel MR, Regmi D, Okawara GS, Patel M, Reiter HI, Dubois S. Current Oncology, 2006; 13:124-129

Local tumour control in women with carcinoma of the cervix treated with the addition of nitroimidazole agents to radiotherapy: a meta-analysis.  Dayes IS and Abuzallouf S. British Journal of Radiology, 2005; 78:777-782