Karen Gulenchyn


Dr. Gulenchyn is the Integrated Chief, Department of Nuclear Medicine at Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare  in Hamilton, Ontario.  Recognizing the considerable capacity of Hamilton, with a nuclear reactor, 2 cyclotrons and an extensive suite of GMP labs,  to participate in the burgeoning field of Molecular Imaging, Dr. Gulenchyn has worked to move one of Canada’s first positron emission imaging programs into the realm of clinical and translational medicine in of cancer and cardiology.

Dr. Gulenchyn has participated on the boards of many professional societies and in an advisory capacity to a number of federal and provincial governmental agencies.  She has been a member of the Ontario PET Steering Committee from 2002 to 2010, and has worked in both the design and implementation of Ontario’s PET trials and registries.  These trials were designed to fill the gaps identified in the evidence for the clinical utility of FDG PET and to support future analyses through linkages with provincial databases.

Leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired through this work  has resulted in the development of a molecular imaging program which this year will begin to conduct Phase 1 radiopharmaceutical trials.

Key Publications:

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