Sebastien Hotte

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Dr. Sebastien Hotte likes a challenge. That’s fortunate since, like all oncologists, he faces many challenges every day. “You’re dealing with a very serious illness, caring for patients at pivotal times in their lives. You have to create a rapport and build trust very quickly,” he says. “And you have to know your medicine very well.” The medicine Dr. Hotte specializes in is genitourinary cancer. That is cancer of the prostate, bladder, kidney and testicle. Ever since his early training in Ottawa, his residency in London, Ontario, and his post grad studies at McMaster University, Dr. Hotte has been involved in research. His projects include some significant clinical trials in developmental therapeutics (new anti-cancer drugs), but he is also very interested in translational research – research that translates the findings of basic science so it is applied quickly to medical practice. In the years ahead, Dr. Hotte is looking forward to contributing to the development of more personalized cancer treatments. These are treatments that have the best odds of being effective depending on the patient’s genetic makeup and the type and stage of their cancer. “The Escarpment Cancer Research Institute will anchor my research agenda and make it easier for me to collaborate with other like-minded investigators,” says Dr. Hotte. “We have a common vision and a common goal.”

Key Publications:

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