Jonathan Sussman

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Although he is now a highly specialized radiation oncologist at the Juravinski Cancer Centre, Dr. Jonathan Sussman was once a family physician in Burlington. The three years he spent in  primary care helped him decide that he wanted to work in the field of oncology. During that time, he also learned how important it is for caregivers to interact effectively with each other in order to make things easier for patients.  Building bridges between cancer specialists and family physicians is now a major theme of Dr. Sussman’s research and professional work. He is currently leading a  national study to determine how to better integrate primary care and oncology during cancer survivorship. He is Director of the Supportive Cancer Care Research Unit at the Juravinski Cancer Centre and the Chair of the Survivorship Advisor Committee at Cancer Care Ontario. All care providers need to be supportive of each other, especially with the complexities of treatment that use new technologies and personalized medicine approaches” says Dr. Sussman. “The role of the family physician is pivotal to the overall care of cancer patients and must be clearly articulated and appropriately supported.” He believes that by sharing one address and one vision, the scientists of the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute will produce research that transforms patient care. “We have a  large number of individuals from different disciplines whose work overlaps and intersects. Working together at ECRI will further enhance our ability produce high quality, meaningful research that will improve the delivery of cancer care.”

Key Publications:

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