Rosalyn Juergens


Dr. Rosalyn Juergens is candid about why she became interested in studying lung cancer. “To be honest, lung cancer needs help!” she says. “Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in women – including women who haven’t smoked a day in their lives.” Dr. Juergens’ interest in oncology was sparked when she was randomly assigned to a cancer clinic during the early years of her medical training. She describes the experience as one of the most amazing in her life. “You have this incredible connection with your patients.  Plus, the scientific breakthroughs driving patient care offer new options all the time.” Dr. Juergens moved to Hamilton in January 2011 after completing a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in oncology at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. She is also nearly finished her doctorate in clinical investigation at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In addition, she holds an Ontario Institute of Cancer Research Scientist Award. Dr. Juergens’ research focus is on the development of more personalized treatment strategies for cancer – personalized in that therapies are selected for the patient depending on the patient’s own molecular makeup as well as the type and stage of their disease.  She is doing this through the use of novel imaging methods – an approach that is also being pursued by other investigators at ECRI. 

Key Publications:

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A Hamilton patient is the first trial participant to receive a novel experimental immunotherapy for lung cancer.


First in Human Study by Cancer Research Team in Hamilton